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Bastards @ The Brunny Went Off + News.

Many thanks to the other bands and all that came along to Friday night at the Brunny. We came, we saw, we were bastards.

A friend of the band (Hi Morag) was kind enough to film our song “I Want To Fight Your Frontman” and its now on Bastard YouTube. Have a look. Its great.

We recently recorded a couple of tunes, the aforementioned Frontman and a song called “Monsters”. Expect them to pop up soon. The clip for Frontman is in the works. Rage at 3am is clear in our sights.

The latest Bastard T-shirts are on their way. Expect an announcement and artwork any moment.

Onward! Next show is Sunday at the Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar with Keggin and I Have a Goat. You should come. Its cool. You want to be cool don’t you?

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